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We're Lena and Korbinian. We're two students from Augsburg. We attach great importance to high quality handmade fashion and we try to realize this through our project. We are Donnerruf.


Our need is to inspire you for fashion design and create an awareness for handmade fashion and clothing. That’s why we try to design only the best garments. Therefore we try to match cuts, colors, fabrics and designs perfectly to create your new favorite garment.





Korbinian Ruf

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New business enquires

We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions. If you can identify with our style and would like to be part of our project, contact us.

Join us

If you like our style and want to be a part of Donnerruf, let us know. We are open for new photo concepts, models who can represent our style and all kinds of people who want to support us.

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